Uchiha Compound - Yozu Uchiha v Sayū Hyūga


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Dec 13, 2020
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Dispute Origin: Story

, Yozu has multiple instances within her post where she is using OOC knowledge to determine IC actions via inaccurate methods and procedures, lacking clear reasoning for her proposed actions.
  • “Yozu Uchiha had been standing still, her eyes fixated on her kinsmen before her, it wasn’t before long that something felt off, no something was off, activating her three tomoe sharingan, she looked down, under her she could see clearly the thousand upon thousand of wooden tendrils she had placed underground during the defence recently taken place. She took a moment and then from the distance, a small chakra supply seemed to rush forward, she didn’t move, her right eye seeming to close in and focus on the supply. “
This action lacks clear reasoning as Yozu claims to have a "feeling" of something was off and then decides to use her Sharingan to look into the ground. When approached to discuss, she stated that it was due to her paranoia and that, Yozu, is a paranoid individual. Yet upon further inspection of her biography, there is absolutely no mention of Yozu ever being a paranoid individual. Even in her recent post, there was no mention of paranoia after Madoguchi's withdrawal.
  • As she knew this technique to be the Flying Thunder God technique, she could only narrow it down to three people. Ketsugo Uzumaki - While his Flying thunder god technique is strong it still pales in comparison to this method of application. Next on the list would be Mowa Sozo - while it is common that the 9 tails Jinchuriki could manipulate chakra to a godly level. The application of this Flying Raijin left her down to one individual, Sayu Hyuga. - Being the only one who could essentially “carry his flying Raijin on the winds of chakra” Yozu had tapped on the floor three times. This sent out a Morris code vibration in all the houses constructed from her wood to evacuate now, giving the civilians a chance to escape and that they did. All leaving through the main gate.
    In this instance, Yozu is stating she'd be aware of the individual that was coming. Her reasoning was that "Bureau of Jutsu Conservation, any technique deemed to be S rank or higher is stored in this and she would know of it, so unless he learned it from no scroll/no mentor and learned it PHYSICALLY himself with no aid." Which could be plausible, had it not been given to Sayū through Mowa Sozo, during his time as Hokage, who never stated in his post where the scroll was received from and whether or not he even mentioned it that is where he received it from. All that was stated was to study the contents within the scroll and then dispose of the scroll, which was done

Plausibility, lack of information.

Lastly, Yozu's subterranean network of vines, tendrils, and/or branches which is somehow "indirectly" applied. She states that Yozu has a network of vines all over Konoha and they have their own tenketsu points, which would not make sense as this is the definition of tenketsu points in Naruto:
  • "Tenketsu (点穴, English TV: Chakra Points, literally meaning: pressure point) are nodes from which chakra can be released. The human body has 361 tenketsu, each of which is located along the chakra pathway system."
The plausibility of such a technique is not possible. Furthermore, Jade herself stated that the technique she used - the wiki page of said technique is not up to date and that the method she used this technique in her post - "The application" has changed. Using precedent from last case, the subterranean network of vines, tendrils, and/or branches should be voided.

Attached below are screenshots of the conversation that had taken place between the two of us:







Proposed Solution:
Due to the inaccuracies in methods and lack of description I am proposing the following solutions:

  • Sayū Hyūga and company were undetected.
  • Which would result in Yozu not being aware of the individuals arriving thus her Sharingan being inactive.
  • The clones have not returned immediately as Jade had written, since they were spread throughout Konoha.
  • There is no subterranean network of vines, tendrils, and/or branches therefore there is no attack based off of them, including the spores and so forth.
    • As 1) The Wiki Page for the Jutsu is not updated & 2) The Uchiha Clan page is not updated with the defense system. If we are using past precedent of rulings, without an up to date wiki page, it should be negated.
In reality, her whole post should be negated outside of her initiating the attack once Sayū had finished speaking.


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Dec 7, 2020
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Argument Regarding Tendrils: The time skip states it had been 3 hours since Madoguchi had randomly retreated his assault on Konoha, Lets take a look at a defensive tactic taken IC not even 3 hours ago.


These are key points in terms of Yozu's wood at the very least being around the Uchiha compound, as stated before Yozu Uchiha had helped rebuild Konoha from the ground up with her wood release, this allowed her to defend as well as she could sacrificing alot of them buildings to protect people, including the buildings inside her compound. This would mean that the explosions would leave residue wood, splinters, shards of wood but leave the plants, trees intact.

Further more, this technique has been used before by Yozu Uchiha in the rescue mission of Reiwa and even my very post before. Which Sayu had no issue with.


^ My post before Sayu initiated his attack.


^ Reiwa rescue mission

following up with regardless of Yozu using her Sharingan to sense out the chakra surge, the nature absorption of the surrounding trees and wood from each building, the splintered wood, the shared wood, the very plants and trees would absorb it until it disappeared, this was due to Wood release's natural chakra absorption. With so many being in a concentrated area, a small Flying Thunder God mark would be easily absorbed before it reached the target, due to how small it is and how long it took to travel

Now regarding the Clones. Their mission is complete their objective fulfilled, They defended Konoha. Would it not make sense for them to return to their original?

Lastly regarding Tenketsu in Yozu's wood. It had been stated before that Yozu's wood is a living sentient piece of wood. There for given the fact that all living creatures have Tenketsu points. Why shouldnt it make sense that Yozu's wood release have tenketsu points? each point would be located at a "joint" however, due to not explaining this prior. I will let the Judges decide.

Here is my Propitiation.

1: The Clones return to Yozu, due to Yozu being away on a mission they took guard of the compound + laid in wait for her return - Using the timing here, given the fact it had been 3 hours. It would be safe to assume Yozu had just returned from completing her S rank mission, meaning they would come to their orignial the moment she entered Konoha.

2: I will admit that re-reading my post I can see how it would look like metagaming with my Sharingan, however. I will fight for the fact that the trees, buildings and plants would naturally absorb the Flying Raijin mark before it reached Yozu.

3: As I had stated about the wooden tendrils before hand, to which Sayu had no issue with prior. The moment he launched an attack, noticed it and then decided to have an issue conflux with him missing the detail and myself not explaining properly. I will allow the judges to decide this - however, please keep in mind that Yozu had used plenty of her wood release throughout Konoha's defence, to say that within 3 hours it had all magically disappeared (The tendrils underground used in the defence) wouldn't make much sense.

4: Sayu and his Partner would arrive at the Uchiha compound uninterrupted. However at the moment of their appearance Yozu's sharingan would be activated and everything continued as if

This part of my post didn't happen.

5: Even tho it is rather irrelevant at this point. Yozu would still be able to identify the three current users, Sayu being one of them as you stated Mowa took out the scroll to give to him. Yozu would know that this scroll was removed and given to Sayu upon him opening. - again this is irrelevant should the first part of my post be removed.

6: If i've missed anything please tell me - i am currently writing this up while in an online course.


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Nov 23, 2020
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Final Verdict
it is made clear to the moderators that the post of Yozu Uchiha has no warranted grounds to act upon as it was because the Uchiha Compound's defense isn't listed in the Wikia meaning even the response against the arrival of Sayu and Takewa would be negated from the beginning, unfortunately. Let's get things straight real quick. It has been a day time skip, not a three-hour one.

  1. The wood release clones would be also negated unless it was stated otherwise in a prior post before Sayu and Takewa arrived in which in this case would be also nulled. The reasoning behind it is that if there are clones you have to state their exact whereabouts and whether if it's remained active. It's similar to how Mowa Sozo had to state that there's a set of clones spread throughout the Land of Fire, every time a time skip occurs. Because for all you could know they could be undone during the time skip unless I stated it wasn't the case.
  2. Secondly. The Uchiha Compound's Defense and overall would have been listed in the Uchiha Clan Wikia, similarly to how Land of Fire has defense written out for its land, and it's expected to be the same for clan leaders within the nation to also include defenses in their own territory and there's no description written regarding the Mokuton tendrils or such, it was just mentioned numerous time. However, it wasn't added to the Uchiha Compound's defense, meaning they may be in a sense "inactive''.
  3. Thirdly. The information regarding Sayu having Flying Thunder God is actually something that is unknown to all except for those who knew intimately; in this case Mowa Sozo, (Kurama) and Sayu Hyuga himself.

The post up to this part are considered as voided, leaving the last paragraph that is linked to being the only thing that is valid, in which Yozu Uchiha utilizes the Kasiken Technique attempting to attack Sayu and Takewa. The Mokuton Usage is nulled, as the execution was incorrect.


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