"Tengokukudake" - Heavenly Shatter


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Dec 13, 2020
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“You always come here to think.” A girl’s voice called after a boy of soft pink hair - sitting out on the lush grass near the Konoha training grounds - a traditional haunt for up and coming genin undergoing their training to grow into the world and life of a shinobi; and not too far from the hero’s memorial - a memorandum to the shinobi that too had embarked on this journey, and either met their fate in service to that ninja way, or faded into their sunset far sooner then a new bright star could meet it’s sunrise. The boy that she spoke to was however, not a genin - evident by his flak vest and equipment a trained eye could tell that the boy was seasoned, either veteran chunin or jonin. The girl that approached him was much the same. Stepping up from behind him he looked out to the stars as she stopped and stood behind him looking out to trace his gaze towards whatever his focus be upon. She didn't bother to speak, she knew he’d confide in her when he gathered his thoughts. And so he did: “We used to train here when we were younger. All I ever wanted to do was help these people. Make a difference. Heh - to think our biggest worries were, rogue shinobi, bandits, doing missions retrieving cats in trees. If we were going to make it to Ichiraku for lunch in time between missions. Now...everything is so different. So much death, destruction - faced constantly with the reality of how powerless we ever were to stop it. Madoguchi, the Konoha bombings, those lines - we were all but backed to a corner. All he had to do was strike the deciding blow and then what? You ever think about it? Is anyone? He just. . . leaves - they all did. Just packed up and disappeared. Is it a joke? Are we a joke? Not just Konoha, the world as a whole - the human race as a whole. Are we really so small? I just...I feel so small.” Eyes diverted to the grass beneath him, distancing himself as much as possible from the ever creeping feeling of uncertainty, of helplessness, like he had been a child wasting his time all these years to try and gain skill, amass some sense of power, looking up to role models never thinking about the fact that his role models had role models, and his role models’, role models were. . . dead - long past or worse. A dreamer chasing the dreams of dreamers never aware of the nightmare beyond them. The girl behind him started in. At first, self-pacifying, her bottom lip caught under her teeth suppressing the possibility that she had no good words for this, that maybe she’d just make things worse: “I. . . I don’t know if there’s anything to be done for this. We’re caught in a position against forces we don’t understand, a whole spectrum of things we don’t understand. Who knows why they left? Maybe, something more forced their hand - another thing we have yet to understand. When predators flee...it’s usually because there was a bigger predator nearby. I mean. . . who knows if they’re even really gone?” She cast her gaze up at the sky, watching for anything that passed by, anything in the sky that seemed out of place. She inhaled deep, confessing her weakness as she mentioned: “You know...ever since everything happened. At night - I look up at the stars. And I wonder...how many of those lights are just another tragedy waiting to happen. How long before another Madoguchi or more - drops here out of the sky and. . . huh - what is. . . get up, get up, something's happening.”

Confusion was upon both their faces - the boy springing up to his feet to stand next to her and look to see whatever it was that she saw. At the top of the sky, almost too surreal to believe, like watching a fountain of ink - drop down into a fishbowl, the sky turned bright and started to expand. Soon, it got wider and wider - it wasn’t moving slow by any means whatsoever, rippling, ripping, ironing flat the surface of the sky as the ring of light expanded outwards caressing the deep blue with an ever blinding green and white that could be seen as far as the eye could gather light. Soon - streaks of light started darting out from the apex of the expanse - and what seemed like stars began to strike down sprinkling, showering over the cosmos plummeting down to the planet as soon every nation across the world would behold this anomaly of events. As the expanse crossed over them - a bright light seemed to wash over their bodies like a beam from a lighthouse, and the girl panicked, looking at her hands and examining her body to see if she was okay. . . she felt okay. What had happened? She wasn’t sure what the reasoning for any of it was - but soon she shot her head up to look at the back of the boy: “I- I think I’m okay - are yo -” Her inquiry hammered shut, by the striking blow of a fist lodged between her eyes knocking her to the ground. There was no time to think, before she knew it she was seized, mounted by the assailant as her hands came up almost by reflex to bar the kunai bearing hands from planting the point firmly in her throat. Suddenly, she was in a struggle for her life - and when she looked up to see who was responsible she was met by the piercing gaze of none other but...him. This pink haired man was emotionless as he started to bring the kunai down upon her and with a growl of indignation she struggled out: “You” Locking her eyes upon him. It was . . . instinctive. . . like she had been fighting against this same enemy all her life. Even her brain registered him unhesitant as a foe, a threat, and she fought back with a familiarity and might that screamed she understood what was at stake here. But her efforts were getting her nowhere, he had elevation on her and his bodyweight forced down the kunai in a way she could not combat from here. His eyes widened with a grim satisfaction: “What? Don’t tell me you’re surprised. I told you the wall of Konoha couldn’t protect you. I told you that when I come back, infiltrate this place, take my revenge - I would come and find you first. . . make sure you know that the day is here.” She felt betrayal...anger, a rage that was only spited by the welling feeling of defeat in her mind. How did she ever let him get this close? How did he get this close? No. . . that wasn’t right. Her mind started to bend, pull apart. This felt familiar...it felt like they had been doing this all their lives...then why didn’t this make more sense, why were there pieces missing, memories missing. “Wait, wait.” she pleaded out. “Lets skip the bullshit as if there’s any chance you’re making it out of this and get right to the fun part huh?” A remorseless rebuttal as he drove the kunai down closer and closer, both their hands shaking - she could slip any moment and lose grip, find herself choking on her own blood. Her eyes squinted shut hard - searching through the jumble of memories, this misplaced clutter...none of this was right, nothing belonged, she had to think. If they were enemies...then why… “Your mother was killed during the conflict while Naraku was at large. You went off on your own to train when we were genin and ran into bandits - you were outnumbered. I saved you. Y- you told me about the necklace you wear, it was your mother’s!” His eyes widened and his hand stopped...though force did not cease being applied. Bewilderment was apparent on his face as he stared at her. He never told anyone that. How could she know that? How could she know... his left hand left the struggle of both theirs, only to grasp the back of her head forcefully and pull her towards the kunai with one hand while he pushed the other to meet her. She gasped out in struggle giving her all to keep him away: “How do you know that? What is this? You go digging around!? Think you can play mind games on me because you wouldn't mind your business. Who told- . . . I didn't tell you, no - who told you about that.” “I don't know! But I know. I remember it. Think - you do too. It's there somewhere. Between it all. Between what feels like natural hate, years of planning. Just slow down!” he stopped. Looking into her eyes...deep in his chest he felt something...it was out of place, misplaced - was he misplaced? No, they were meant to be here - in this place. Then why did he feel...like he was hurting someone very close to him? “The sky - whatever happened it must have...It did something to us! Genjutsu!? No - it's more than that. I know you feel like this is right, but we have to just stop, think, figure this ou-” Her voice was cut short by puncture, then the sound of blood filling her throat and lungs as she gargled unintelligible sounds of pain to him. Her hands left the kunai - and started pushing at his face, scratching, clawing, gripping at whatever lip or eye socket she could get before finally she stopped...plenty of fight left, but this defeat was more than physical. His expression did not change - still, never wavering as she struggled at his features and he looked her in the eye. Her slipping hand was almost...intimate, as if a lover’s last caress of his cheek as tears streamed down her face and she passed away. . . tears streamed down his face too. His expression never changed, and he didn’t know why - it was as if another person mourned her from within himself. When she was finally done and quit struggling. He stood up and looked over in the direction of the village. He could hear chaos, screams and fighting. . . it must be like this everywhere. Whatever happened to the sky. . . maybe in the sky. . . it did something. . . changed, some things - both literally and figuratively. And perhaps more so then some were even aware of right now. He killed his enemy. . . but he couldn't help but feel disgust, tossing the kunai aside. Victory, it didn't feel like this. And so he was gone, off to join the millions of other lives turned upside down - by what would be known as

(天国砕け, "Heaven Shatter")

Post Credit: Izanagi​
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