Southern Gate


Dec 7, 2020
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Across each outpost, are members of the Hokage’s assigned Anbu unit, which has been assigned before the disappearance of Madoguchi and their presence has never been gone. Certainly rotations of the military were happening, allowing fresh and able-bodied people to perform duties to the utmost efficiency. Stationed at each outpost were at least a couple of Anbu Captains, each of them in charge of squadrons that were within the government structures. Most of the leaders are equipped with unique abilities or Kekkei Genkai, allowing them the capability to take on arduous and unforeseen tasks. Across the units throughout the Land of Fire, members that had turned violent were mostly not leaders but their subordinates. Allowing communication between the Hokage and the unit's leaders to function relatively regularly despite omitting the few impacted. With this information, affected individuals were being swiftly dealt with in an urgent manner through cooperation from members not. Essentially allowing the border patrol to have minimal difficulty, minus the inevitable injuries and casualties that followed. Their duties were the same, to maintain security and order around the physical defenses as well as to look out for certain individuals at all times. Their assignment had not changed, but of course, it may have derailments - it would not be hindered. This was their duty, as well as the SEALS assistance. Ketsugo’s own private elite operative unit had helped manage too with members of the FIA. Stationed too were chunin and jonin, all following the filtered process done by the Hokage and assistance.​
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