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Nov 28, 2020
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Suzaku of the Demon Flames


The embers of fire burned intensely as they collided rapidly materializing into a being that seemed otherworldly. The embers were constructed of the same material of the great fire phoenix that once resided within the Fire Sage who mysteriously perished from existence. Though no longer possessing the Phoenix Spirit it had one task before fully departing from Suzaku, resurrection. The collision of the sparks materialized and manifested into an entity whose temperature rivaled the sun. Constructing into a figure whose body length measured 6'3 he towered over most who dared to come close to him. Any water source in a 30-mile radius started to evaporate transforming into a gaseous state that tempered to 400 degrees. For the first few minutes, the figure's body became unrecognizable as his eyes glow white dispersing any trace of an iris. His skin flickered an intimidating yellow enough that it blinded those who dared look at the solar flare shaped like a man. The heat become overwhelming, creating oceans of sweat for those who stood within 30 yards of the man. For those who were feet away body and bones liquified as if they had been from the Hozuki Clan, though their body never materialized back to how it once was. This intense humidity lasted for about 3 minutes, slowly dwindling away and revealing the infamous physical figures. With blood-drenched vermilion-colored hair and eyes, it is easy to spot Suzaku out in the crowd had there been one. No excitement coincided with his new fond existence, just a frown as if he was disappointed to be brought back. With his memory bank cleared, only fractured memories flickered every now and then, but one name and face stuck with him. Ketsugo Uzumaki. The Uzumaki Lord who later succeeded him as Hokage. The thought of him frequently visited his head as If they had a meaning.

In comfort, he stood up in relative silence analyzing all that was around him. The air was distasteful and one whiff of such smelt of poverty and desperation was this indeed hell the 6'3 giant thought. The thought hadn't had time to linger as the naked man became the center of one's attention. Red orbs peering down to look at his genitals, he formed a single hand seal at a speed that the Sharingan wouldn't register. Like magic, his fitted clothes appeared from thin air, which made more reason for the crowd of people to step backward. With his temperature steadily decreasing, the Fire's Sage innate ability to constantly release a continuous wave of heat throughout a perimeter. More dangerous was his firey rage that could overwhelmingly increase his body heat and kill innocent from severe heatstrokes. Power like this was not meant for an ordinary being, and for a God to walk amongst the people again must have meant something big was approaching. Drenched in sweat, it was fairly obvious that they were terrified of the Fire Demon's power, but were too tired to run away. Accessing their own abilities against Suzaku, they simply fell to their knees simply out of hopelessness, and fatigue but also out of respect. The people who groveled before his feet were poverty-stricken. Shifting his attention from the sea of people at his feet, he looked at the buildings surrounding him and frowned even more, irrationally becoming angry at the people for being so poor. Though his anger did not materialize on his face, it quickly was replaced with an idea that could compensate for his anger. "Take me to your booze at once". The stern voice echoed throughout the crowd and started a swarm of murmurs as the request was unforeseen and confused the villagers. The chatter only carried on for three seconds before spiral flames ascended from under the ebony rocky ground behind the guru, the fear that he instilled in the villagers made his earlier request understandable and the crowd ran as fast as they can to their local brewery.


Entering his destination the giant hunched over slightly as he towered over the door. Sitting down at the bar, he demanded the strongest drink served at the establishment. Light and dark liquor were both poured into a fishbowl cup, creating a strong concoction. Tilting his head up and down to thank the bartender, Suzaku without hesitation lifted the large glass with his right hand and downing the murky liquor. The guru's head had not emerged from the cup until the liquid completely vanished. Standing about 20 feet away from the goliath, the crowd looked in awe as he finished the drink within one gulp. Obviously and unearned Suzaku delivered a large and powerful purp that it managed to create a small shockwave. The gas become visible as it was colored a corrosive tint green and when striking the drinking class, the glass melted on impact. Suzaku blankly stared at the glass carelessly pointing at it to indicate that he wanted another. Closing his eyes briefly, the memories of Ketsugo Uzumaki, appeared within Suzaku's mental plane to the point he could remember the man's chakra source to a tee. With a powerful relic known as the Seers Orb of Ten Heads, the crystal ball sealed within's Suzaku's body allowed him to do what he wished to see about the Uzumaki Lord whose body physically remained of this world. Mimicking a statue, the Fire Sage's eyes closed as his mind traversed the Shinobi World in search of the man who cursed his memories. There he was in the Land of Fire. Regardless of the distance and potential obstructions, the guru was able to see the current activities of the former Hokage. "Uzumaki Ketsugo. The Fire Sage roams the physical realm again. I'm currently in the Land of Knowledge. I summon you at once". Relaying a message to the Uzumaki Lord through telepathic means, the seasoned shinobi had a way of speaking to others as he himself was a relic of time. The wicked surgeon continued filling his liver with the strong liquor preparing to meet the former leader of the Leaf.

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