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Nov 22, 2020
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5 Month Update
Can you believe that it has been 5 whole months since we opened and I cannot express how appreciative of this community I am as well as the selflessness and kindness shown by the administrators, moderators and members - we’ve become like a family. Naruto Data is more than a role-play community it is a place of friendship, second chances, positive thoughts and innovation. You’ve made it this way! Thank you!

As we continue on through the year we’ve joined Instagram as well as YouTube. Our server has over 300 members and our website twice that amount. After only 5 months we’ve added over 1,300 articles to our Wikipedia and we’ve made over 6,000 posts on the website. People from all over the world in countries that we’ve not heard of read our articles and enjoy our creations. This is success. We did that.

Together we have created characters and stories that are extensions to us - this isn’t just about role play, it's about understanding and connection. So let’s continue the momentum and do things that bring us joy and positivity.

What is there to look forward to in the future?
⭐ Greater social media presence
⭐ Apparel and merchandise
⭐ Tutorials and competitions
⭐ Tournaments and recruitment efforts

We’re all grateful to the Naruto Council team that makes these things happen. Contributions and donations are very important and the community members are encouraged to continue giving back and are to be commended for what they’ve already done.

Going forward there will be a few changes to the way we do things in the community.

⭐ Language and humor will be shifted; sexually charged jokes and comments will no longer be acceptable in the server. Members who wish to do these things must do so in their own privacy. server is a community server, monitored by Discord in a closer manner than regular servers. Let’s set an example for everyone, including our future members.
⭐ The @everyone and @here tags will be disabled for most server members. This will allow us to streamline our engagement and encourage more people to check the server. Most major servers with as many members as us do not enable those features. New tags such as an @Social tag and an @Important! tag will be created.
⭐ @Art Affiliates will be expected to send in their total contribution once a month on the last day of the month. They also have the option to send it in as they receive commissions. Select moderators and members will be tasked with monitoring this to make sure that artists are following the rules.
⭐ Because of our lack of contributions in recent times the art contribution total will be changed to $2.00 USD on all art requests over $10.00 USD. Requests under $10.00 USD will not be taxed, as of right now.

Again, thank you to everyone who is a part of the community and who has made the effort to contribute to it through activity and most importantly positivity and love.

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