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Yūichirō slightly flinched at the offer of becoming a colony for the land of earth, pledging fealty to a nation that is economically better than her own nation is a hard idea to digest since she had been taught to never kneel to anyone other than her daimyo who also rules this nation but that will have to change soon, she doesn't plan to answer to the daimyo forever and judging how this young man is living as the supreme leader sounds interesting but that wouldn't sound original since people would easily tell the difference. Saying nothing for a full twenty minutes staring out the window, not even a slight sound came from Yūichirō except the now steaming of her teapot due to her kekkei genkai warming up the room up a few degrees then dropping back to the normal temperature, she would repeat this process as a way to pass the time while thinking, kneeling to him would make her vulnerable to spies, possible assassination just to claim the land of winds for himself, or keep them in check and ensure once his soldiers are in suna territory its likely they'll be annihilated if the people decide to revolt against the supreme leader which is something she would rather avoid over having to contain and keep a civil war from starting

"Hmmm interesting offer" she finally says but still hasn't turned around knowing full well he'll have that irritating but attractive smile plastered on his face "Surely you realize this nation was built on philosophy, the Will of Wind Philosophy, something we hold sacred to our hearts as a nation and live by for centuries since its founding" finally Yūichirō turns her head to the side allowing half of her to be seen but the eyes are glowing a slight amber orange "we are free as the wind and wise like the old sages that use to roam these dunes, nothing can keep wind contained for its violent and unpredictable" keeping full eye contact with him seeing how he reacted to her words "but I'm nothing without being realistic and pragmatic, yes our nation is bellow in everything unlike the four other nations so I offer a better propersition you might like" a slight and almost invisible smirk ghost her face, the glowing eyes twinkled like an ember in a fire that can make others entranced to them "we can offer 25% of our mineral resources, a good portion of our hidden sand autonomous puppet legion to protect your borders as well the puppet schematics and blueprints just for a treaty, an alliance but what would you offer in return if we avoid the whole colony idea?"




The Supreme Leader did not fail to recognize the subtle, yet acknowledge twitch as response. From that point on he had understood that the Kazekage was not above being exploited by emotion. And as disappointed as he was, he continued to finish his thought. Twenty minutes had passed while he waited for the Kazekage to respond. Twenty minutes of her using her Kekkei Genkai to heat up the room and the teapot while in the meantime the Supreme Leader hummed to himself in a tool and observed every and anything he could in the room. He even spent some time looking at his nails and his clothes, ensuring they are upheld to the highest of standards. It was either that Saitō did not care about the tense talks or that he had been through it enough time to the point where he was comfortable. Either or, it was a clinical display for calmness.

Eventually the Kazekage had spoken and when she had mentioned the Will of the Wind he couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as he glanced out toward the village at this will of the wind from his seat. She continued to speak of violent wind yet with the belief that she was pragmatic, yet these two sentences contradict each other. The irony of a violent wind is comical to the Supreme Leader, and it showed as he smiled through her speech, because he knew that in order to be violent one needs resources and military population, with a sustainable economy, three things out of the many that the Land of Wind did not have.

The Supreme Leader had been in more than enough political talks that this was not the voice of reason he was speaking too, it was the voice of fear. The idea of pledging loyalty to another nation, especially when you’re as big as the Land of Wind, often time would be perceived as weak by others. So just as the Kazekage had finished suggesting terms, the Supreme Leader took a minute as he laughed to himself for a moment. “The Will of the Wind philosophy, huh? It seems everyday someone is coming up with a philosophy―Will of Stone, Will of Fire, Will of Wind―these are all jokes.” The Supreme Leader at this point stood up and folded his back behind him back inside his haori and walked toward the window. They stood there staring out at the village while he continued to speak. “Teaching someone that they need a reason to fight or something to serve as inspiration in an incorrect tactic full of loopholes. What happens when what they are fighting for no longer exists? Or that it has been taken from them? Will they continue to fight? No. People need to be taught self-discipline and to not use external factors as motivations, but internal factors. Power does not sit and wait for you, you have to grasp it or else someone else will.”

The Supreme Leader did not wait for the Kazekage to respond. He wasn’t here for a debate on philosophies so he continued speaking, “You have declined the notion of a colony, which is something that would not only be better for your people and you, but countered with a worse deal. Why is that? I’m merely curious because 25% of your country's minerals mean not much to me as the Land of Earth has the largest reserve of minerals. Puppet schematics and blueprints, eh” Uragami waved it off with his hand, “While they would be advantageous, they aren’t truly a necessity. The Land of Earth’s natural terrain already makes things challenging for outsiders. So what stops you from being a colony? With what you offered, you have no opportunity to increase the economy of your people or fulfill your dreams. Is it…” he stopped talking momentarily as he glanced over at the body of the Kazekage through the corner of his eyes, “Is it pride that holds you back? The idea of having to bow your head to someone else or is it something else?”


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Once she finished telling the man what she wanted, Saito immediately spits on the culture that every nation has, a philosophy that has been the driving force that has kept them from deserting or disrespecting the kazekages of old. Out of respect for the man she held in her laughter so saitō can finish, preaching about his nation having more minerals and resources than the land of wind but realized "yes, we both are aware that power without someone to use it tend to attract those who are looking to claim either for themselves or for their people"

She frowns a bit when he denies the village's advancement in puppet schematics even though the ore never caught his interest which seems to annoy her cause she was looking forward to an alliance for so long but when he asked her what's holding her back she immediately looks to him with an hope and fear in her eyes "I fear of death, being assassinated for bowing to another nation, losing my political and military power of my village...........losing my title as Kazekage" looks out the window again but this time to the sky "I wouldn't mind joining our nations as one but these fears is what worries me" opens the window allowing the fresh stinging winds to enter the room "But what we both fear is them returning to our world, it is something that haunted me as a young girl when one of them came to our planet and destroyed every village before vanishing" then without a word summons a long, green and orange pipe, reaches into her pocket and applies some weed to it before igniting it before offering it to Saitō "can you guarantee my safety and my children's if the village turns against me if I agree to your terms?"




The Supreme Leader turned his body towards the woman and leaned on the closed window as he listened to the woman’s response. He didn’t respond until she had completely finished, taken into account not just words, but her body language as well. The frown on her face, the worry in her eyes, not one detail was missed. Only when she was done did the Supreme Leader respond, and in a sweet, understanding tone it was.

“There is no shame in what you are doing. We all fear something,” he hesitated in thought for a moment, perhaps thinking about what he fears or only setting up a display of theatrics. “Many believe not fearing death makes them strong, but in reality it makes them weak. How can you expect to move faster than possible, fight longer than possible, without the most powerful impulse of the spirit: the Fear of Death.” By the time he had finished his sentence, the woman had opened the window allowing for the breeze to flow into the room. At that point, he had stepped away from the window and gone back to the chair to sit there as he once was. “Rest assured, if, and that is if they even decide to do so, if the village where to turn on you protection will be provided. But I doubt they will. They see you as their leader and you seem to be someone who is for the people. They will understand that this .. this is for the betterment of their lives. Just like you have understood.” He paused again, letting the words sink in before he began speaking again. “As for your title as Kazekage..”

He hummed to himself in thought momentarily. “Since Land of Wind will be becoming a colony of the Land of Earth, restructuring hierarchy will be necessary. You’ll become known as Shō (将, “General”) and you will be in charge of overseeing Land of Wind as you once were. However, you will answer to me and anyone that is an extension of me,” The Supreme Leader raised his left hand and has four fingers up to illustrate visually, “There are four extensions of me and I will be leaving one here with you. He’s around the village somewhere enjoying himself, but he’ll come to assist in bridging the economy and people of Land of Wind with the Land of Earth” With a tired sigh, the man stood up and fixed his light emerald haori before reverting his eyes back onto the General. “Rest assured that your people are now my people. I would not do any injustice upon them and will ensure the merging of the lands will be seamless as well as beneficial for all parties. In the meantime, announce to the village that you have accepted conditions to become the Land of Earth’s colony and your new position. If you need help, you can ask him. He has quite a way with words.” The Supreme Leader chuckled at the irony as he walked towards the door while still talking. Half way out the door he remembered, “Oh! My proxy! His name is Inuhōō Akurojinnohi, Master of the Open Flame. I cannot wait to see what you two will do together..” he giggled as he said that, “You - being the wind. Him - being the fire. I foresee a blazing tornado taking over the world, heheh, how poetic.” Just as he whispered the last few words he slipped out from the door and began to make his way toward the outskirts of the Land of Wind.

As he walked through the village that was now his, he couldn’t help but smile widely as he fixed his hair. “Masaki…” without even a second passing a beautiful tanned woman appeared beside the Supreme Leader as he walked down the street.

“Masaki..I thought I told you to enjoy yourself.”

“I’m sorry, Saikōdai-”

“MASAKI I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!” The Supreme Leader cried playfully.

“I-I-I’m sorry!” the woman cried back.

“Hehehe. Go tell the Old Man that the Land of Wind has agreed and that he will be staying here with the now General to assist in creating a bridge between two lands. Then get the rest and meet me at the gates, we have another stop … unfortunately.” The Supreme Leader sighed heavily and in dramatic fashion. The woman disappeared to ensure that the message had been delivered while he dragged his feet toward the gates.


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Without warning, a small cloud of pink smoke appeared at the entrance of the room, physically blocking the Supreme Leader from fully exiting the Kazekage's office. Appearing as a silhouette for the first three seconds, the nimbus cloud engulfed the orbs of the two leaders from recognizing who appeared between the two. Before one’s eyes could capture the mysterious woman’s physical appearance, they instead would smell the overwhelming perfume that immediately covered every inch of the office upon entry. The smell intensified the closer the woman approached, nauseating all within five feet. The strange odor had deposited from the Wind Daimyo Shinku Kiku. By now her victims would have had a delayed response, and possibly had not realized that what they were doing was grounds for treason. Her eyes shifted to the foreigner who was known as the Supreme Leader of the Land of Earth and then slowly traveled to the Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand. The motion of dark golden orbs, moved ole so slowly due to her following the gestures of a foreign leader, in order to make sure he had formed hand seals or sheathed a concealed weapon.

“You’re as dimwitted as I remember Lady Yui-” the aura-enhanced words spat out of her mouth with intensity. Her voice jarring yet dominant, immersing throughout the entire residence, fulfilling the vacant gap in the lugs of mother nature’s inhabitations. Each syllable that escaped her lips carried weight and depth that traversed past one’s eardrum. As she finished her sentence and returned her gaze to the stranger she waved the small fan in between her fingers in the direction of her face, lightly navigating the wind to roam amongst her face-painted skin. Not before long, her hand gestures stopped and her fan now hid the bottom half of her face. A moment of silence had not rescued the tension that the Wind Daimyo had summoned as this was only the beginning. “You have some nerve trying to negotiate with a hidden village leader without the Daimyo being present. Even though you assume both the position as Tsuchikage and Daimyo, you’re overstepping your boundaries by speaking to the Kazekage over matters that far exceed her power.” Her words were not merely words nor naked, they’ve been an extension of her and her rage. The volume of Shinku’s voice was nowhere considered yelling but indeed was commanding and far superior to Yuichiro’s who ranked below her, and Saito who held no jurisdiction within the Land of Wind. Had Shinku decided to kill the man, she would not be at fault and had all right to do so. Before the woman released her wraith, she first wanted to hear the silver-tongued demon talk his way out of this one. Even though the seasoned woman knew nothing of the conversation between the two, her sixth sense indicated that some sort of secret meeting between the two had occurred. Was the Supreme Leader foolish as he looked or engulfed in poor arrogance? Something about him being in the Land of Wind was offputting, and it was Shinku's job to figure out why he was here.

Seconds later her eyes cruised towards the Kazekage again who she was now scolding. Anger was an understatement for how Shinku felt as she expected better from the kunoichi who was deemed the strongest in Sunagakure. The Lady Daimyo’s hand gripped tighter onto the wooden half of the fan causing small cracks to form. It was unclear was verbal agreement the two came to, but a sharp pain in her stomach indicated this wasn't a deal that would benefit the Land of Wind. "What ifs'" pondered in Shinku's mind and immediately begin to think of the potential deals being made. Maybe acquisition of Sunagakure? Possibly forming an apartheid between the hidden village and the land itself? Shinku had thought to herself. Had the Daimyo not stepped in sooner, the Kage could have essentially given the Supreme Leader two hidden villages under his control, both Sunagakure and Iwagakure. Such action would have crippled the power of the Land of Wind, essentially giving up most of its militaristic power for a short burst of wealth and natural resources. In theory, this would only protect the livelihood and longevity of Iwagakure shinobi as the Supreme Leader could kill off the Sunagakure by endlessly sending them to their deaths by fighting the Land of Earth’s battles. This outcome of their possible treaty lingered in her head rent-free, processing if this could be the Supreme leader's very intentions. Shinku shook her head at this potential outcome and how Yuichiro would have been reverted into a puppet Kazekage. She could not fathom how easy it was to manipulate a leader that was responsible to protect a whole entire village. Shinku’s left eyebrow rose upwards as she became suspicious and remained in the hallway moving closer to the Kazekage's office. If allowed, her hand would have initially sat gently against her right shoulder and channeled her chakra into the woman’s body in an attempt to break her out from any genjutsu she could have potentially been placed in. “Any deal you thought that was finalized without me being present is voided. I hope you know that Lord Saito. I apologize if my Kazekage here gave you the impression that she was the one fit to negotiate agreements and entitlements between the Land of Wind and Land of Earth”. Shinku's words again stabbed and were unidirectional only traveling towards his direction.

A small chuckle escaped from Shinku's lips who heard the entire conversation between the two before barging in and intervening. The respect that the Supreme Leader had for the Kazekage, Sunagakure, Land of Wind, and Daimyo was little to none. Shinku proceeded to move closer to the Supreme Leader now only five feet away. Despite her face being nearly being adjacent to his, the words that were relinquished from her vocal cords were not meant for only the foreigner. “Even at my current age, the Will of Wind exists, and its currents have no sign of stopping anytime soon. Without hesitation, I'd kill anyone who stands in the way of the Land of Wind prospering, even if it's our own Kazekage. Even if one mustered up the strength to kill me, my soul is rooted to the land and will still blossom.” Shinku’s voice converted into a raspy tone as goosebumps appeared all over her arms. The back of her head was the only thing Yuichiro would notice as she spoke to her. The Lady Daimyo orbs are glued to the Earth’s Supreme Leader watching for any fidget or awkward smile that would manifest while she exposed his deceitful plan. "Now foreigner state your reason for being here and maybe I'll consider if you're allowed to leave the land in one piece". Shinku's demanding voice expected Saito to comply with the laws of her land. With innate sensory ability, Shinku looked for the change in fluctuations in his chakra. The Wind Daimyo’s people skills were pleasant, but she understood the human mind and body. Her eyes carefully read every inch of Saito’s body.
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Motionless and out of sight, two shadows hid within the leaves of a massive tree like two birds on a branch. The inseparable companions sat there, shoulder to shoulder, mouths drooling and their eyes wide as if they had been enchanted by the moonlight itself. The sound of water gently clashing against itself could be heard in the background and with it, a warm, steamy embrace. Poetic, was it not? It could’ve been, but that was not the case here. “What are you two doing?” A gentle, yet cold voice came from behind the two. The voice was clearly tinged with a palpable irritation. The two were stunned in terror for a moment, “We-we” one of the two spoke up, in a child-like voice and manner he was trying to come up with an excuse, but it wasn’t rolling off his tongue. The other man spoke, confidently at that as he had solved the puzzle “My lady, we were - observing the human anatomy!” The sound of women finally followed the sound of water and with it the sound of the young man face-palming his face into his palm, understanding clearly they had been caught. The first young man to speak was Gakugyo Sakamoto and the second was none other than the crazy idiot Muchū, both were guards of the Saikōdaihyō, and two of the members known as the group Shiamatsusangaku. And where were they at this point? They were hiding in a tree, spying into an Onsen, hence the steam. “Idiots,” The woman rolled her eyes in great distaste, “Go and meet the Saikōdaihyō at the gates he’s waiting for you two.” The young Gakugyo Sakamoto groaned like a child, which he was, “What?! Already?! That was fast! I didn’t even get to eat.” The other man in a slower tone chimed in, “Yeah me neither!” The woman, Masaki Miyamoto, snapped back at the two. “Shut it. Do not make me repeat myself.” The other two felt the chills down their spine as they began making their way off the branch and onto the ground, the woman looked into the Onsen. “Also, you two do know the women’s section is over there, right?” The woman pointed in the opposite direction as they stared up at her shocked, “This is the men’s section, you can see Akurojinnohi right there..” She gestured with her hand. There was a hole in the fence and as they looked in they saw nothing but the wrinkly, white buttocks of their team leader. “EWWWW!!!” the child explained as he tried not to vomit before he began running off in disgust. The idiot, Muchū, only laughed staring while he too soon followed after the child giggling.

The woman only rolled her eyes before she jumped into the cobblestone of the Onsen, making her way toward the Old Man. As the woman approached the old man spoke, “Is it done?” The closer the woman got, the hotter it became. The Old Man was heating the springs himself as well. “It is,” the woman responded glancing around to ensure no one was around or could hear them. “The Saikōdaihyō has asked you to stay behind and oversee the integration of the Land of Wind with the Land of Earth. We expect..” The woman thought of how to word this best, “Struggle.” The Old Man had no reaction or expression, merely sat there within the fiery water contemplating his own thoughts. Masaki continued speaking, “You have been given permission to remove anyone that becomes an obstacle,” The man chuckled as he stood up, exposing his old, yet strong upper body. Scars of all different shapes and sizes were now clearly visible as he chuckled at Masaki’s words. Meanwhile, the woman continued, “But it is to be reminded this is to serve as an integration. The Saikōdaihyō actually wishes for the community to merge together to create a peaceful world.” The Old Man stepped out of the water and went to put on his robes, as he sighed heavily. “I never know with that man… tell him it’ll be taken care of.” Masaki nodded her head as he dispersed into the abyss while the Old Man finished getting dressed. His hand dug into his robe pocket as he took out one cigarette. He popped it into his mouth and ignited it with a flame from his finger, inhaling deeply before exhaling calmly. “So it begins..” the man whispered to himself as he began to make his eye to the former Kazekage.

By the time Masaki had finished speaking to the Old Man, Gakugyo and Muchū were running toward the gates to make sure the Saikōdaihyō was not waiting for long. Uragami had seen them running toward him and with a big smile, he waved obnoxiously at them “Hey! It's the idiots!” he joked at them. Muchū laughed, he always did, but Gakugyo seemed to take offense to it as he pouted as a child would. The Saikōdaihyō had been leaning on the fence writing into a small black book. What he was writing was a message for someone and he would let the other two know once they had gotten into range. “Child, summon one of those ugly flying creatures out of your mouth I have a note for someone.” Gakugyo looked at the other two hesitantly as he began to remove the bandages from his hands, Muchū only stared with a smile as in the meantime the Saikōdaihyō finished writing the note. “STOP STARING YOU, IDIOT! You know I don’t like this stupid ass mouth!” Gakugyo screamed at Muchū, who only laughed before responding in a sarcastic manner, “Hey, I think the Saikōdaihyō asked you to move the other mouth. Hehehe.” The Saikōdaihyō couldn’t help but bust out laughing as he finally stood straight up. Gakugyo by now had made a small pigeon out of clay for the Saikōdaihyō to use as he walked toward him. “Darn it, Muchū! Why didn’t I think of that one?!” He laughed out loud. By now, Masaki had also joined the rest of them and Uragami had rolled the note in a way someone would put it into a bottle. “Make sure this creature gets the note to Land of Water, it,” he said in a disgusted manner as he put the note into the carrier with two fingers as if he was touching something disgusting. Gakugyo only rolled his eyes as the other two held onto their laughter. Uragami was only joking, but Gakugyo had always been sensitive about these mouths over his body. “It needs to get to Muteki Khan, the Jonin Commander.” A moment later, the pigeon took off into the sky before disappearing into the clouds. They all watched it fly off and shortly after Uragami spoke up as he clapped his hands together, “Well! Onto the next city! Should we all hold hands!” Only one responded, “Yeah!” it wasn’t hard to guess who cheered for it. It was Muchū. The other two began walking to their destination, while Muchū and Uragami stood in their positions. “N-no?!”, “No” Masaki responded coldly. “Muchū start us up!” Uragami yelled out loud and without skipping a beat Muchū began singing while Uragami held a beat. The two walked in front, severely annoyed.

“Commander,” the Old Man of the Flame walked into the office with important documents in hand. “My name is Inuhōō Akurojinnohi, I am many things, but first and foremost I am loyal to the Saikōdaihyō. So trust me as you would trust him.” The Old Man said without a quiver in tone or action. He moved at a leisurely pace as he set down the documents on the table, “I trust your discussion was insightful as it was beneficial. Please,” Inuhōō pushed the documents toward the Commander as he also handed her a pen to write. “Sign these documents and let us begin.” The documents were the red tape that needed to be covered by the law. After all, they were not barbarians. Once the documents had been signed, the Old Man would collect them and tuck them away into his robes as he spoke again. “Thank you. We will announce that Sunagakure had agreed to become the Land of Earth’s colony. In the meantime, I have read environmental, military, and economic documents regarding Sunagakure.” He paused, “That which is public. Please discuss more in detail so we can act accordingly.” A man of business. Inuhōō Akurojinnohi is a strict, hot-headed man, but that is only when someone slows him down. Despite his age, he is not one to be trifled with. There is a reason he was named the team Leader and not others, not even the Saikōdaihyō. Although, that was a technicality if anything.

On the same day, The Khan of Kirigakure would receive the letter. When opened, it would be a few sentences sentence with a signature stamp of a Lotus Symbol and the initial S and U in beautiful handwriting.

“You're probably wondering who sends a pigeon in this time of age. That―would be a great question. Come and find out, the Kazekage isn't home! Come over, quickly at that!"

The very first day was spent debriefing. The Commander caught Inuhōō Akurojinnohi up with just about everything. The man has a great memory and was rather a fast learner despite his age. The second day was spent becoming used to the military as well as the One-Tails. That interaction was important for Inuhōō has placed a seal upon the very thing that contained the beast. This seal was made specifically for use of the tailed beast’s chakra, one that all five of them could pull from just like the other Tailed Beast they had in the Land of Earth. They did not care for relationships, not at the moment. When the seal was placed, it was communicated with the rest who were still traveling to the Land of Lightning. They each pulled chakra in, just like they had done with the other beast, and stored some inside of themselves as a necessary precaution. The third day was a rest day for Inuhōō and the Commander. They were human after all, not machines. Plus, Inuhōō was an old man. The fourth and fifth day was spent preparing for the Festival, one where it would be announced that the Sunagakure was now a colony of the Land of Earth. In the meantime, Inuhōō had asked for schematics of puppets and reviewed them as well as the economic structure of the Sunagakure as well as occupations and roles. And finally, the sixth day, the day of the festival.


A pathway of dim lights lit up each and every alleyway of Sunagakure. As one would walk through the alleys, they’d begin to escape the cold darkness and feel a sense of warmth and comfort the closer they came to the center. Was this natural or not, it was unknown. The smell of food and the sound of music would become apparent. And eventually, the clamoring men, women, and children enjoy themselves. Once fully integrated into the festivities, one would begin to notice the beautiful ambiance of the festival. The combination of neon lights raging in hues of blue and red. Lanterns were draped above all the booths as soft music played in the background. You’d notice how individuals from all over the world have gathered together. You may even notice the magnitude of different entertainment ranging from fire jugglers and balloon parlors to ceremonial dancers. Even more, you may notice the surplus of food options to choose from. It truly was a community being built here, literally. Inuhōō enjoyed the party himself, but he was weary of others. He was always watching his back it was how he became Old in a profession of mainly younglings. And then it was time for the speech. The Kazekage announced that Sunagakure had become a colony of the Land of Earth after an agreement with the Supreme Leader. The spirit was all over the place. Many did not know what this meant and Inuhōō saw this. And like the undying flames he was, he took the stage like a fire flickering on a lantern.

“People of Sunagakure,” he stuttered ever so slightly. Somewhere, the Supreme Leader was laughing as he watched this occur. Inuhōō had a great dislike for public speaking, but Uragami always thought he was exceptional. “My name is Inuhōō Akurojinnohi, I serve as a proxy of the Supreme Leader. Rest assured, no harm will come to you or your family. In truth, we have not come overrule you all as slaves, no―that is not our objective. In reality, we have come to assist. Sunagakure is great, but the Wind Daimyo is the reason you have not become better. She has neglected her duty to you. She has not increased the economy of Sunagakure or the Land of Wind. The Daimyo’s duty is to be for the people, by the people. She has not showcased such. That is why, the Supreme Leader of the Land of Earth, and the Kazekage, who now will be known as Commander, have come to an agreement. She saw it. She lived amongst you all.” The crowd looked around at each other, their spirits being uplifted, but there were still some that were skeptical. “We only hope that we can unite as one community as we once were. As the Sage of Six Paths had originally wanted and not divided amongst each other. We hope, the Commander and I, we hope you will see and assist in creating an unforgettable legacy.” With that, he stopped talking and put down the mic. Many roared in excitement for what was to come, many did not. Many left. That was natural in politics. They’ll come around, eventually.

―The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day had just begun. It was also the day that the rest had reached the outskirts of the Land of Lightning and were about to enter. The Commander had gone away on a mission that the Supreme Leader had needed and in the meantime, the Old Man was alone in the office reviewing documents and schematic, expecting the arrival of the Great Khan or Kirigakure anytime now. It was also the day many people from the Land of Earth had come and many people from Sunagakure had gone to the Land of Earth. The joy of one intermingling with another was great.




"Do you believe in gods...boy? My name is Joy and Laughter, it is Power and Providence. I am The Light, now walk into it."


The dawn will come. It will come from despair and hatred, from solace and solitude. Like a setting sun it shall wane only to rise again. It shall linger, in hearts, as it does on the horizon. Like the children that grow from the nourishment of its light, the dawn shall gorge and grow upon the void, the hole in each and everyone of them. An addict would understand it best. An endless abyss with an endless NEED to fill it; the dawn understood it better than anyone else. He understood what it felt like, for a pure soul to be scarred by a corrupted world till its light could no longer push back against the ever entrapping shadows encroaching in. The dawn understood it, because that is all that it lives for. For years it has fallen and has risen. For generations it has denied the Pure Lands of its grace, lingering in the world that needed it most, lingering in the hearts that kept it alive. Because that is ALL that it lives for. It lives on for Joy, for Laughter, to deliver Power and Providence. When twilight fades and the night settles in, as darkness begins to take its place on the throne, the dawn will come.


On this day, the sun rose not from the east, but from the south. On this day, the dawn returned. It returned at its very namesake, the Land of Sun. A land of scattered islands devoid of village or shinobi, a holy place which few have step foot upon since founding of the first clans. It is a place buried in mysteries born of sailors' mouths that swear the place is bathed in constant day.

"Ya aint gon anywhere boi, I tell ya the place is haunted!"
"Dammit Wallace for the last time don't call it haunted! I want no curses 'round here ya hear me? It is a sacred place. Get it right before the gods punish you a third time."
"Twas no Gods that day. Don pay no mine to yo motha boi she a fine ninja but she ain't no sailor. If she couldn walk on water she be a drowner. Now ya listen here, it was a dark stormy night and the lads 'n I were chasing after what we thought were a light house right? Small little golden light waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the distance. We knew the currents had taken us south of the mist but none us reckon just how far from home we'd been pulled. And I tell ya boi something pulled us to that there island that night. Water n wind going erry which way and yet dragging us straight to her. Oh we were tryin ta head there alright, was hoping it was some small village's light house so we could hunker down until the sky clear away. But as we got closer ye ole little light started getting bigger and bigger, till Iroh on the crow's nest swore twas the morning sun comin on in. And when we got there boi. Light, from golden clouds hanging high on yonder, pushing away all da dark storm walls like they were ghosts being banished. And the water, calmed to a smooooooooooth low tide soon as we could see da sand bars. Jeriah hopped off the Misty Scabbard sayin he saw someting a glowin in the biggest mountain at the center. Heard not one word from the crew shoutin our warnings and goodbyes. That's why ya aint seen ya uncle Jeriah no mo boi, the island took him and it never let go. Don nothing natural nor holy glow in da darkest of storms like dat. Them currents was a beasty, tore apart many lesser boats and crews than us and ole Misty dat night and the only ting da coulda held back that demon was da devil himself ya hear? You become a sailor like ye ole man n ya promise me ya never set sail south. Go east towards the real sun boi."

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ON THIS DAY, Joy to the world, Laughter for the souls, Power to the worthy, Providence for the innocent. Let the heavens, and the sun in all its very nature, sing.

From the south to the north, stretching west to east. You could see it, golden light stretching out across the sky in a brilliant flash, seeming to fill the heavens entire faster than one could blink. From the desert sands of Sunagakure bathing in the morning sun to far opposing reaches where Kumo and Kiri lay under clouded darkness of the night. You could see it, as mother nature sang his praises. Sailors' whose ships sway to and fro against assaulting currents would calm along with the winds as they looked up to see clouds cast out like shadows, like puddles drying up in the summer sun. You could hear it, the singing. A faint ringing from above as white light turn golden. You could hear children cheering at the familiar sight and in wonder of the unfamiliar scale of it. Children of the Leaf and the Cloud cheered the loudest but you could hear them, everywhere. Children who recognized the golden sight from a comic book, or a game, from bed time stories and rumors here and there. You could hear the teenagers gawking and jeering, just old enough to remember the light from a decade ago. Still young enough to dream as the children did but old enough to question it being some natural phenomena... You could hear the adults, crying, the few who remember, and the few who knew. The adults who knew the dawn was real. The ones old enough to remember The Hundred Year Peace, who had awaited to see that same light years ago when Amoghisaddhi came to end it. The adults old enough to remember when they lost their homes, their families. The adults who knew that if Yukio was choosing to wake up now, that it was either to celebrate their survival and help rebuild, or he was here to help stop something far worse than the Otsutsuki disaster. You could feel it, the tension, the excitement. Sages would feel the truth. Though it may have seemed to have expanded from the south at the speed of light, the truth was everything was heading for the Land of Sun. Natural light from every corner rushed to a focal point as if it was a black hole in a glorious display. They would feel the energies being dominated and commanded, feel the weather bending knee in kind. It would be as if the sun itself knelt and gave up some of its power in a welcoming display. Power that held partial key to a lock. Sensory shinobi of even the lower magnitudes would feel it, an explosion of chakra from the south that had previously been invisible to the senses, as if a barrier had suddenly been torn down. It was un-natural. Years would have to be taken to store up so much, a decade even. To them it would stand out more than the suddenly glowing sky. Even the sensory deprived could feel it, for the singing echoed deep into one's soul as it was the collective prayers of the world entire that made up its chorus. All would feel the approaching dawn.

golden light would linger in the sky for but a moment before seemingly vanishing before the eyes as Mount Takamagahara had taken what it needed and began to glow in the same very manner. Deep beneath its rock in a hollow chamber lay the dawn sleeping, training. Sealed away in the mountain, into its own dimension where time slows to a crawl. Ten years have passed for the world, fifty long gone for the dawn. It is here in its solitude it can rest and grow stronger, more capable, more prepared. Algorithms encompassing forgotten knowledge of centuries past and secrets of clans and shinobi renowned in their creation lay deeply carved into the surrounding rock, scrolls and tags. Fuinjutsu and Jujutsu on every inch of the hollow chamber all surrounded by layers of seals and barrier ninjutsu to cover it all up. As the soul sealed inside the room reacted to the world beyond it told the garbled mess of encoded scripts that it was time, like a caged animal beating against the walls as it demanded to be let out. And so the tether became yet another of the keys, signaling for the ritual of the awakening to begin. Body and soul became anchored together once more like a shadow being re-sown to the sole. Curses would be lifted, shackles torn and with a similar yet smaller flash of brilliant light like before, Yukio would emerge from the mountain core.


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As the golden light above Konohagakure faded away it would be replaced by brilliant white flashes everywhere under a newly darkened sky for the dawn would choose the Leaf as its first destination the moment it awoke. Decided by familiar feelings and a gut wrenching sensation that told Yukio of something terrible beyond the negative emotions he lay deeply connected to. Everyday, every little ounce of despair replaced with a sudden desperation as a soul called out to old friends in danger. The same kind of feeling that warned him of a terrible future a mere decade ago. Consciousness that had been stretched across the world focused on the hidden leaf before the emergence of the dawn, giving the Senju the forewarning needed.

He would emerge, in the same brilliant white light flashes that had light up the now darkened streets, just as the third individual to have catch his attention would begin to play around with fire release. He would sense the Uchiha's error, or should he say, genius, before he could finish molding it and cause an accident. To protect himself and the others around, Konoha's Guiding Light would cloak the surrounding people in the very same aura that made his armor, the same energy that would have sent the chakra sensory shinobi of before into high alert as they seemed to suddenly gain the power of sages. It was a Holy armor that did many things but among them acted as a defensive layer that pushed back against foreign chakra's trying to enter, rendering genjutsu quite useless. Curiosity couldn't help but illuminate from the golden eyes of the Senju as he watched on at Jin Uchiha's display. No longer in need of worry by its illusionary affects that threatened to emerge, all that was left to witness was whether or not the boy could control it. They all got the answer about as quickly as Yukio had appeared as the jutsu became unstable and sent the young Uchiha flying in a similar manner to the first individual who had caught Yukio's attention and had been the primary reason he chose the Leaf as his first stop. A mere snap of the male's finger's was all it took to save Jin from his impending collision, instead dropping him back in front of the Senju where he had just stood a moment ago. The sound of Yukio's snap as well as the plop from Jin hitting the ground ass first would be overshadowed by a loud...



Among the many tools and various objects stored within Yukio's invisible Fuinjutsu seals along his body, practical joke items were certainly among the most abundant next to weed and adventuring gear. Chief among the classics, a whoopee cushion. As Jin fell towards his safety and one of Yukio's classic pranks, the Senju would form a single half sign with the opposite appendage that had snapped a split second before. With perfect timing, the child would land as his dreamy monochrome flames smashed against the tree and turned a vibrant gold. Just as the heavens above it would be overtaken and commanded to extinguish itself, leaving the tree and everyone else unharmed. All around them the white flashes would continue as the entire village had began to fill the streets in a stir. Many pointed up at the darkened sky, black clouds now shutting out the mid day sun that had changed color just moments before, others began to rush towards the supply drops of the surrounding lights. Stalls, stages, games, rides and so much more set up around the entire village as if a festival had started. The cheering of the children from before now grew to an uproar as many of them spotted the figures appearing in and out of the flashing lights who were starting to take places up in a few of the stations as if to urge on the rest of the villagers to pick a spot and start having fun. Some adults walked outside to see similar wares of their stores now set up in stalls out front as if they were just begging them to get to work. It was as if whoever was setting up the festival had years to plan, or was someone who knew them all personally. It was as if Yukio knew everything they wanted and needed to laugh and have fun.

"It's Yukio! It's Yukio!"
"He's real!"


"Thank the Gods he's finally back, does Kumo know?"
"Didn't you see that light? It stretched out beyond the horizon, there's no way he didn't alert the Land of Lightning."
"I thought he was just a comic book character..."
"I TOLD you he was real!"
"Shut up nerd."
"Where's the real one? Is he talking to Hokage-sama?"

With the rest of the village becoming a crescendo that started out with confused mumbling and rose to a celebratory chorus, Yukio would finally set his sight on the first and second individuals that brought him to the Hidden Leaf. Ryojin would be able to feel the same kind of sensation as the sensory ninja before as a warmth engulfed the boy. Where the first felt by the others was a heralding, what Ryojin would experience was like an affectionate and grateful embrace that waned as quickly as it appeared it. It was a hug given by the same energy radiating from Konoha's Guiding Light. The chakra armor cloaking the others would fade away the same moment the embrace on Ryojin was released. Yukio would set new senses upon the boy to replace the ones that failed him before and what he saw confirmed his suspicions. A life force as radiant as Yukio's chakra. It was no wonder the young man was able to catch Gyoken before Yukio's seal could be undone and he could teleport to the rescue first. It took every ounce of Yukio's mental strength to keep up his playful facade as he looked down at the Uchiha in Ryojin's grasp. The same sight that was placed on his savior set upon him, and the sight nearly broke the man.


It was him, after decades of searching for the chance to apologize, it was him. The soul was a reincarnation, Yukio could feel the pull of old bonds he could only feel from such souls. A small part of Yukio questioned it, begged to test it. But the Senju wouldn't dare wake his long dead brother from such an exhausted state. There would be another time. He could push back the doubt inside of him, the soul was a match, Yukio was sure of it. Hell, they even looked alike. He became use to seeing old souls with new faces, maybe it was the resemblance that left him shaken up? All of it lay buried, beneath the mask. Yukio dare not let it go, not in front of children. Not in front of HIM. Yukio never showed the real him to Gyoken, he wanted nothing but joy and pranks for the boy. How would he be different? Was he still the little prankster Yukio tried raising him into? He doubted it, he hadn't been here for him like befo-

enough, Enough, ENOUGH!

Yukio buried it all before the emotions could begin to erupt from his aura again and looked back up at Ryojin.


"Nice catch kid! Tell me, do ya like fireworks?"

Before Ryojin could utter his answer the white flashing lights around the village came to a halt as the last of the preparations were completed, leaving the darkened sky to be suddenly lit up with fireworks of all shapes and colors.

the celebrations kicked into gear and the sky was reignited with a wonderous display of lights one figure could be seen slowly approaching the hokage manor, the one area of about 5 blocks surrounding the building that had been kept clear of festivities out of security and respect. The same senses that had reached out to Gyoken would be set upon a man standing upon the roof of his office, Ketsugo Uzumaki. As they did so, golden stairs of condensed light would shape before the building leading up to its summit, allowing the figure to approach the hokage face to face. And such is what it was, he would not appear before his old friend with a mere clone like the others. He would hope the Fuinjutsu master would understand why he was not the first in the village Yukio met, having only just recently switching himself for a clone in the Uchiha Compound. Upon arriving at the roof and standing before the Hokage, the Senju would outstretch his closed fist in a greeting that would be echoed by his voice appearing in Ketsugo's inner being. This communication was similar to a tailed beast host speaking to their bijuu and was only capable for Yukio with those he is closest to either in this life or one of their previous ones which have openly accepted the bond. It was a way for Yukio to allow his most trusted friends to recognize it was truly him before them and not some imposter. And Ketsugo was a friend Yukio trusted enough to take off the mask and let go of the facade.

"Forgive me... I couldn't protect either of the villages. But what I sensed back then wasn't Amoghisaddhi. I can still feel it lingering in the future. We need to talk..."