Iwa-Aoi Estate

Kami Shia

Dec 16, 2020
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Maowi Aoi
After listening to Lord Tsuchikage, Maowi got a better understanding on what the technique was used for. Learning of the technique's ability only made the child more eager to learn it. Mao looked around the room before slipping out as Lord Tsuchikage addressed the others, Maowi was eager to test out the theory of this technique on his own. Despite being only a child the boy understood chakra and physics due to studying he was nor was he a stranger to figuring things out on his own. Without word Maowi departed from the Iwa Aoi estate in search of a training area one fit for multiple scenarios.

The eagerness eating away at the boy's consciousness made him even more determined to go practice right now while he didn’t have any other objectives. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn, said the Lord Tsuchikage himself.

I sure hope I wasn’t needed” Maowi stated, thinking out loud. The wind would blow past with a strong cool whistling breeze, the return of birds showed signs of the area being peaceful but for no one could tell how long this peace would last. Birds chirping in rhythm as they sing their songs amongst themselves while circling overhead, it seemed as if the flock was lingering above Maowi himself as if they were watching him. Still the boy continued searching for a decent location to train.


Dec 10, 2020
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Itachi 0.2 watched Mazu in front of him, He'd think to himself how could such a legendary man/figure such as this 'Mazu Dragon guy' not understand his own estate? Didn't he build it... Does he not remember or was the secrets of this place created by someone else? So man questions. Itachi clutched the book in his hand closing it tightly. He placed it to his chest then looked up at Mazu.

1627554653885.png"It seems that the world is filled with secrets..." Itachi connected the idea of Mazu to the learning he had just done of "Madara". The two men were apparently both dangerous...so it was said. He'd look down as Mazu's attention directed towards the "Purple-haired girl". Then he wondered.... what would The Crow man say about this Madara figure. Did the dark spirit know anything of this man? Did the Crowman know Mazu? SO much to uncover.


1627554447278.pngA new sort of "spiritual energy filled the room." What was this? A sense of energy fled the world as quickly as it came...something in the air was off. Off as 'normal'. The darkness that overshadowed the land seemed to be lifted. What was this feeling? Itachi was found in his bet at this time. something felt funny. The insanity of the last few weeks...it all felt so bizarre.

Sitting in bed, he stood up as his feet made a "Pat--pat" noise. Walking to his closet he was soon to get dressed then he was off to find his brother Moawi. Had he felt this energy? Was it just Ita? No... This had to be everyone right?


Walking down the hall Ita went to knock on the door of Maowi. He then stood patiently wondering if Moawi was even in there? Maybe with Mazu? Or the purple-haired girl? Only time would tell. Silently he waited in the hall in front of his brother's door, for who knows how long he would?


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