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  1. LucianRedgrave

    Kaichira City

  2. LucianRedgrave

    Bone Garden

    (死体の庭 - Shitai no niwa) A massive snowy landscape with a story to tell. What lies underneath the snowy landscape is most notably corpses both new and old. The most noticable thing about the bone garden is that there are several larger corpses that decorate the area. While snow covers the entire...
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    Sighing Ravine

    (ため息の峡谷 - Tameiki no kyōkoku)
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    Mirror Lake

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    Ishida Homestead

  6. LucianRedgrave

    Wolves' Den

    This is stomping ground of both the new and the old Shogunate. More aptly put in comparison to the neighbor shinobi nations this place is equal to a kage's office in both status as well as function. However it stands as a pillar of politcal influence within the Land of Iron since both the job of...
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    Shinka Temple

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    Seiryu's Emporium!

    Welcome to my shop most folks call me Jer or Luc these days but much like everyone else in the community i mostly focus on Digital Art. Most importantly my prices are low and my quality is top notch so come on down! A few things to consider when ordering from me are as follows > I don't...
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    Hyosui vs Kami Shia

    Once again I intend to keep this short and simple. While this fight has been riddled with problems from jump street including continuity as well as a lack of detail from either party (guilty as charged) this most recent occurrence was the straw that broke the camels back. Shia made several...
  12. LucianRedgrave

    Naruto Fighters: Hyosui vs Sam'e

    Going to keep things short and sweet as well as being as civil as possible. The fight between Hyosui and Sam'e while boring on the surface for the most part was skewed to begin with. While things were pretty much carried out smoothly up until this point this most recent post has turned things to...
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