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    Nara Compound

    Hyosui could hear the concern in her voice and it was a sentiment he could understand to a degree. He had his parents by his side every step of the way even during the red bombings. They were always there for him when he needed them or at the very least they tried to be. His lips curled into a...
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    Nara Compound

    It was clear in her tone and response that she knew it was a simple white lie. It wasn’t a surprise that she even responded that way. This sort of thing was what made their relationship so stable given everything the two of them had going on in the current affairs of Konoha.she was right after...
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    Nara Compound

    Hyosui wasn’t exactly a fan of the cold and that was ever -resent in the fact that he was always wearing his jacket. The lack of electricity made avoiding something like that a little more difficult despite them being shinobi. He sighed in relief at the idea of things returning to normal...
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    Wolves' Den

    Unlike the shinobi of the realm even during times of crisis and war the Land of Iron stood strong. The machinations of a leader never needed to be conducted in the shadows in the eyes of Norio even demons had to dance in the light. While he was away at the summit to handle the threat of...
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    Jinkōrikuchi Island

    Norio wasn’t exactly impressed by the idea of some grand display for such a simple meeting. The man he found himself intrigued by when they arrived spoke his very thoughts as if he ripped them straight from his brain. In his mind it was a fruitless effort to attempt complete peace in the same...
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    Nara Compound

    Hyosui was still slightly irritated at the thought of the hokage showing up on his doorstep. It was common practice to show up on someone's doorstep like this if there was a death in the family or a declaration of war. However the brooding reality was that neither was the case in fact Hyosui and...
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    Nara Compound

    Hyosui and his father were still tending to matters around the village considering they were still medical staff. That aspect alone made them essential for a lot of things whether that was tending to the average wounds of the people or more pressing matters like those greatly affected by the...
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    Jinkōrikuchi Island

    Sometime ago... In a place like Land of Iron things were often quiet seeing as they were effectively considered the recluse of the nations of the world. They had no need to be involved in the affairs of the shinobi but the lingering threat of the red tongue let alone the man they serve was...
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    Gōdatsu Town

    This young man may have found himself collecting all the information he thought he needed but what separated a man like Junsa and this shinobi was the way they conducted their business. Junsa took a smooth drag of his cigarette before heading deeper into the winding maze that was the city...
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    Kūkū City

    The beast rampage was pretty short lived even by nature's standards. Yet Hyosui knew very well this wasn’t a byproduct of this man's words as he merely watched the creature dissipate into nothing but azure flames. He almost scoffed at the thought of the man’s arrogance given their circumstances...
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    Kaichira City

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    Bone Garden

    (死体の庭 - Shitai no niwa) A massive snowy landscape with a story to tell. What lies underneath the snowy landscape is most notably corpses both new and old. The most noticable thing about the bone garden is that there are several larger corpses that decorate the area. While snow covers the entire...
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    Sighing Ravine

    (ため息の峡谷 - Tameiki no kyōkoku)
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    Mirror Lake

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    Ishida Homestead

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    Wolves' Den

    This is stomping ground of both the new and the old Shogunate. More aptly put in comparison to the neighbor shinobi nations this place is equal to a kage's office in both status as well as function. However it stands as a pillar of politcal influence within the Land of Iron since both the job of...
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    Shinka Temple

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    Kūkū City

    Hyosui wasn’t really shocked by the notion of being transported to a new location even if it wasn’t by the same means as before. The white light gobbled up his physical being and when he emerged from that lights embrace into the confines of a city he was less than pleasantly surprised to see the...
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