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  1. Tyler

    Core Region (North)

    The core of the moon, a rocky and widely expensive domain, contains many caverns, ruins, temples, tombs and catacombs of ancient civilizations who once walked the planet, lunar minerals, and many mysteries to be discovered. It is said that a part of the region in which the Gedo Statue was sealed...
  2. Tyler

    Surface Region (North)

    The surface area of the Moon, a barren land mostly, it possesses a seemingly unimpressive rocky like structure. It appears to possess an atmosphere to some degree, as humans are capable of breathing on it, however to what extent this atmosphere exists is a complete mystery. The surface is...
  3. Tyler

    The Lab Dimension

    The Lab dimension (ラボ次元, Rabo Jigen, Also Lab Dimension) sometimes reffered to as Shinde's lab Dimension or the Store Room--is a highly protected laboratory found in a alternative space. The realm was designed by Shinde Ikiru and Naraku Uchiha to help with their various experiments and training...
  4. Tyler

    Fuwa City

    The largest landmass within the Lotus Republic, the State of Greater Temujin serves as the capital state of the Lotus Republic itself. Home to the Federal Government, as well as the combined armed forces headquarters of the nation, its leadership runs most national operations as well as handling...
  5. Tyler

    Tournament Dispute (Round 1; Naraku v. Kirinji Uchiha)

    Hello and good afternoon/morning staff, I'll try to keep this brief and simplistic primarily, knowing you all have a lot to manage, but I indeed would like to request that staff review some concerns regarding the circumstances of the battle between Naraku and Kirinji Uchiha as it stands. My...
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