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    Kaitenkama District

    Ryūjin would look around left to right, then up and down after hearing the voice. He wasn't entirely sure where the voice was coming from as it seemed to simply come from all around him. He was shocked and at the same time confused as he peered at Kinshi clearly that was who was speaking to him...
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    Kaitenkama District

    Ryūjin arrived at the designated location shortly after he had finished his other deliveries. In his hands he helped a black lacquer box with white colored engraving. At the top of the box was the Takamaru clans crest engraved in pink as well as a silk pink ribbon wrapped around the box...
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    Kaitenkama District

    Ryūjin Takamaru It was another beautiful day in Hanagakure, the sun was shining through the gaps between blossoms on the Sakura trees that were visible through Ryūjin's bedroom window. He peered out through his window admiring the intricate detail of each and every petal he saw. Knowing it was...
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    Black Sun Artistry

    Hellows again!, Tis me! was wondering if you're free for requests, and if you could talk me through some ideas of your own. I didn't want to provide a base art just yet because im still deciding on how i want my character too look (plus finding base art is hard) so i ifigured we could maybe...
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    The Shinobi's Den

    Hello, Wanted to ask if you are currently accepting requests and if so if we can discuss ideas?
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