Like any community we have a set of rules. Please take a look at the short list before posting anywhere on the site.

Official Guidelines

Please keep in mind that posting anywhere on this website means that you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Violation of any of the rules might result in the termination of your membership on the site and if necessary the blocking of your IP address from being able to access the website.

First and foremost, result all group members and moderator judgements.

1. The use of racial slurs is prohibited.

2. Pornography is prohibited. This includes anime and cartoon images and videos.

3. Pedophilia jokes, content or suggestions are absolutely prohibited in general discussion and role play threads.

4. Do not post a thread in any role play category without permission. Threads may be posted in Community categories such as manga discussions and the like.

5. If you join the role play then you may be given a post-time limit. Time limits will be applied to anyone in a role play with 3 or more people involved and the limit is generally 48 hours. Breaking the time limit without a prior heads up or excuse can result in the death of your character or in your character being put in harms way.

6. Do not post as an essential NPC (non playable character) without the permission of a Moderator or Administrator. Essential NPCs include guards, military, tailed beasts, political figures or anyone that might give your character an unfair advantage. If you need an NPC role played a Moderator or approve individual would be happy to do it for you.

7. Do not post in role play without a datasheet that is approved.

8. Stick to the time-line of the role play. This means that you cannot role play as characters from Boruto, Naruto Shippuden or classic Naruto because they're dead. The only exception is Orochimaru and Tsunade who have prolonged their own lives.

9. Thievery of jutsu and art will not be accepted.

10. Disputes between members must be taken to the disputes thread or Discord, not in the role play threads.

Non-Playable Character Guidelines

What is an NPC? NPC stands for "non-playable character" which comes from video games. The side-line avatars that you see which act as guides or even enemies are known as NPCs. They are not the personal characters of an individual and serve the purpose of carrying along a story for actual characters.


1. Be approved to do so by the Green Team or an Administrator.
Other people who can approve you to do so are people who control the NPC such as kage, daimyo and role players who have non-playable (not extensively written or expanded on) characters such as relatives and close friends. Posting as an NPC for your own benefit to giving you the upper hand over others in a competitive situation is against the rules and such posts will be voided.

2. Be familiar with the purpose of the NPC or assignment.
Do not just post as an NPC. Familiarize yourself with the task. Where are they from and what is the purpose of the assignment?

3. Be sure that the NPC has a wikia article.
This may be the task of the Green Team or they may assign it to you. A simplistic article is all that is necessary. Ideally, all NPCs should have a wiki page.

4. Do not overdo it.
NPCs do not have to have long-winded super-detailed posts. Take it easy. Choose post detail and length based on the mission or assigned task. Low level missions and tasks do not require a 6 paragraph post but a high level mission or task post shouldn't be one paragraph long, generally.

A random NPC old man who does not belong to any role-player.
5. Role play the NPC as it is, not as you are.
This means that you should not let personal feelings change the way you will role play this character. This is meta-gaming. Don't become overly attached to the NPC - do what needs to be done and nothing more.

For Green Team:
6. Assign people fit for the task.
Assign people based upon their role play ability to role play NPCs. A person new to role play generally should not be role playing an SS-Rank mission.

7. Any and everyone can be assigned an NPC assignment - regardless of who they are.
This is nonnegotiable, though we must be understanding of circumstances. Take into account real-life schedules and also how many characters they are role playing already. Also consider how active they are in the chat - chatty people have more time on their hands, sometimes. Declining to role play an NPC without sufficient reason will result in a strike. Each decline will result in a single strike.

8. Keep track of NPC assignments.
Keep a record of the assignments so they are not forgotten!

9. Reuse NPCs.
Not every NPC has to be brand new. A brighter more interactive story will have reoccurring characters, even NPCs.

10. NPCs can become actual characters.
This is possible, if approved by the Green Team. Such examples of this happening are: Owa Sozo, Mowa Sozo, Yua Fujibayashi.

11. NPCs can have special abilities from different lands.
Super special powers, such as Sharingan and other exclusive abilities must be approved by the Green Team's leader and sometimes even an Administrator. There must be a legitimate story reason in order to infringe upon the "property" of another persons clan or country. It is not, however, against the norm and has been done in this RP for many years.

12. NPCs can add to a character's lore, including that of their clan or country.
An NPC role player can coordinate with a role player to include interesting facts about their character's background or their clan. They do not, however, have to coordinate. Major changes should be approved by the Green Team and sometimes an Administrator. An example of this is the Tsume clan being added to the Okami clan as well as Sekitangara and the Land of Earth and Land of Fire.

13. Main story NPCs do not have to tag anyone when they post!
Role players must be vigilant and aware - if not it can be to their detriment. Global actions, however, must be posted in the Global Events thread.
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